SOREP.Info: Social Responsibility, Enhanced Privacy 


Global “Health Passport” for governments, employers, schools, and travel. Aggregation of data while preserving Privacy.

Vulnerability Points 

Data holders send personal safety points to your wallet. 

Coming Soon - Data Holders Demo

Safety Points

Collect points of how safe you are for others.

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About Us

We started in 2014, a team of leaders in Blockchain, Data Security and AI.

Our medical blockchain privacy data platform (DNA.Bits) recently got patent approval. We are now pivoting our existing platform for the SOREP App.

SOREP.Info is built on  Logical Form leading experts in Data Security, Blockchain and Neural Networks.  Lead by the CEO   Sam Dror Brama,  Blockchain and data security expert. Represents Israel in ISO/IEC TC307 / TC27 committee for blockchain security.